Is extreme ironing an official sport?

Is extreme ironing an official sport? And in 2003, Phil Shaw even published the book Extreme Ironing. Now, in 2016, De Montfort University in Leicester has recognised extreme ironing as an official sport of the university, with the introduction of the DMU Extreme Ironing Club.

Why is extreme ironing a sport? The Extreme Ironing Bureau states that the sport “combines the thrill of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.”

When did extreme ironing become a sport? The sport of extreme ironing was introduced by Tony Hiam in the year of 1980, in Yorkshire Dales National Park, near Settle, England. Although some referred that extreme ironing was originated in 1997 by Phil Shaw in Leicester, England. In June 1999, Shaw started promoting the activity with a nickname “Steam”.

What do you need to participate in extreme ironing? The participants must use an ironing board that has a minimum length of 1 meter and a width of 30 centimetres. The board must have legs. The irons used in the event should be the real one made from iron. The use of plastic irons is completely prohibited.

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Who is the best at extreme ironing?

1st Place Chrissy Quaid. 2nd Place Jade Dunn.

Where do you play extreme ironing?

Simple, people take their iron set and go to remote locations which may include a mountainside of a difficult climb, a forest, in a canoe, while skiing or snowboarding; on top of large bronze statues, in the middle of a street, underwater; in the middle of the M1 motorway, race, whilst parachuting and under the ice

What household activity has become an extreme sport?

In extreme ironing, the athlete takes an ironing board to a strange place and irons some clothes. Its founder, Phil Shaw, says, it “combines the thrill of an extreme sport with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.” Phil started this sport in England. His nickname is Steam.

Who created extreme ironing?

The man who invented Extreme Ironing is coming out of retirement. Phil Shaw says he is again training for the sport he created in the 1990s after an 11 year hiatus, according to Britain’s ITN.

What is extreme ironing How did it start?

Background – extreme ironing

The originator of extreme ironing was Phil Shaw of Leicester in the UK, humorously known in EI circles as Steam. Back in 1997, struggling to decide whether to spend his day off dealing with his laundry inside, or rock climbing outside, Shaw began ironing in his back yard.

What is classed as an extreme sport?

extreme sports, also known as action sports or alternative sports, sporting events or pursuits characterized by high speeds and high risk. The sports most commonly placed in this group are skateboarding, snowboarding, freestyle skiing, in-line roller-skating, street lugeing, and BMX and mountain biking.

What is extreme water ironing?

Share. Share. Share. Extreme ironing is an outdoor sport that combines the danger and excitement of an “extreme” sport with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt. It involves taking an iron and board to remote locations and ironing a few items of laundry.

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