What’s the longest running anime of all time?

What’s the longest running anime of all time? Sazae-san – 7,701 episodes

Recognized by the Guinness World Records, this anime holds the world record for the longest-running animated TV series. The show is about a mother named Sazae-san and her family life.

What are the top 5 longest running anime? 

For those who are curious, here are the top five longest-running anime of all time, ranked by episode count.
  1. Sazae-san. (7701+ Episodes)
  2. Nintama Rantaro. (2189+ Episodes)
  3. Ojarumaru. (1827+ Episodes)
  4. Oyako Club. (1818 Episodes)
  5. Doraemon. (1787 Episodes)

What is the top 10 longest anime? 

The Longest Anime Of All Time, Ranked By Number Of Episodes (July 2022)
  • 3 Ninja Boy Rantaro (Nintama Rantarō) – 2321+ Episodes.
  • 4 Prince Mackaroo (Ojarumaru) – 1947+ Episodes.
  • 5 Oyako Club – 1818 Episodes.
  • 6 Doraemon (1979) – 1787 Episodes.
  • 7 Kirin Monoshiri Yakata – 1565 Episodes.
  • 8 Soreike!

What is the 2 longest running anime? 

10 Longest Running Anime Of All Time
  • One Piece – 1,014 episodes, 23 years airing.
  • Pokémon – 1,115 episodes, 25 years airing.
  • Case Closed – 1,043 episodes, 26 years airing.
  • Crayon Shin-chan – 1,122 episodes, 30 years airing.
  • Chibi Maruko-chan – 1,329 episodes, 27 years airing.
  • Sazae-san – 7,881 episodes, 53 years airing.

What’s the longest running anime of all time? – Additional Questions

What anime has 7000 episodes?

Another notable monumental undertaking would be the current Guinness World Record holder for longest running animated show, Sazae-san, which is still on the air with over 7000 episodes–but don’t worry, it’s actually not even available in its entirety and was never licensed out for western audiences.

What was the 1st anime?

The first anime that was produced in Japan, Namakura Gatana (Blunt Sword), was made sometime in 1917, but there it is disputed which title was the first to get that honour.

What is the number 1 best anime?

Anime Top 10
Top 10 Best Rated (bayesian estimate) (Top 50)
# title rating
1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (TV) 9.08
2 Steins;Gate (TV) 9.04
3 Clannad After Story (TV) 9.02

What is the shortest anime ever?

10 Shortest Anime Characters, Ranked By Height
  1. 1 Cells At Work: White Blood Cell Is Microscopic.
  2. 2 Yashahime: Myoga Is 0.4”
  3. 3 Ranma 1/2: Happosai Is 1’6”
  4. 4 Dragon Ball: Puar Is 2’0”
  5. 5 Fullmetal Alchemist: Pinako Rockbell is 3’0”
  6. 6 My Hero Academia: Minoru Mineta is 3’6”
  7. 7 Sailor Moon: Chibiusa Tsukino Is 3’6”

Who is the tallest anime character?

Although most Shonen protagonists fall within the 5-foot range some outliers manage to get even taller than that.
  1. 1 Diane Is 30’/915cm (Seven Deadly Sins)
  2. 2 Piccolo Is 7’5″/226cm (DBZ)
  3. 3 Alphonse Is 7’2″/219cm (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)
  4. 4 Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Is 6’7″/201cm (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)

Who is the strongest anime character?

The 15 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time
  1. 1 Saitama (One Punch Man)
  2. 2 Son Goku (Dragon Ball)
  3. 3 Giorno Giovanna (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)
  4. 4 Anos Voldigoad (The Misfit of Demon King Academy)
  5. 5 Kaido (One Piece)
  6. 6 Tetsuo Shima (Akira)
  7. 7 Griffith (Berserk)
  8. 8 Muzan Kibutsuji (Demon Slayer)

Who is the smartest anime character?

10 Smartest Anime Characters Of All Time, According To Ranker
  • 8 Norman (The Promised Neverland)
  • 7 Shikamaru Nara (Naruto)
  • 6 Ray (The Promised Neverland)
  • 5 Kiyotaka Ayanokoji (Classroom Of The Elite)
  • 4 Senku Ishigami (Dr. Stone)
  • 3 Light Yagami (Death Note)
  • 2 L Lawliet (Death Note)
  • 1 Lelouch Lamparouge (Code Geass)

Which anime has best storyline?

So, let’s begin with the list of those top 20 anime storyline.
  1. . One Piece. One Piece is all about following your heart to the end of the world.
  2. . Monster.
  3. . Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
  4. . Code Geass: Lelouch of Rebellion.
  5. . Naruto.
  6. . Attack on Titan.
  7. . Hunter x Hunter.
  8. . Cowboy Bebop.

Who is the fastest anime character?

Killua can move at speeds of over 550 mph, which is much higher than the speed of sound. He is also the fastest character in the anime.

Who is the cutest anime character?

  • The Cutest Anime Characters of All Time. By Rayan Sayyed.
  • Mio Akiyama (K-on!) Mio is a shy girl, who is a talented bassist in her school’s band.
  • Akamaru (Naruto)
  • Ash’s Pikachu (Pokémon)
  • Nezuko Kamado (Demon Slayer)
  • Eri (My Hero Academia)
  • Chika Fujiwara (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)
  • Anya Forger (Spy x Family)

Who is the god of anime?

Talking about authors as gods of their creations is a subject which can easily get pretentious, but in the case of Osamu Tezuka, it’s his freakin’ nickname. Yep, Osamu Tezuka is frequently referred to as “the god of manga,” so in a way, he’s the most powerful “anime god” of them all.

Who is the prettiest anime girl?

Bishoujo: The Most Beautiful Female Anime Characters Ever
  • Asuna Yuuki: Sword Art Online.
  • Kaga Kouko: Golden Time.
  • Inoue Orihime: Bleach.
  • Chitoge Kirisaki: Nisekoi.
  • Inori Yuzuriha: Guilty Crown.
  • Kuronuma Sawako: Kimi ni Todoke.
  • Boa Hancock: One Piece.
  • Hinata Hyuga: Naruto/Naruto Shippuden.

Who is the coolest anime girl?

Below, you can see the top twenty choices with the number of votes.
  • Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) 383 Votes.
  • Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell) 392 Votes.
  • Saber (Fate series) 498 Votes.
  • Celty Sturluson (Durarara!!) 518 Votes.
  • Asuna (Sword Art Online) 525 Votes.
  • Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan) 743 Votes.

Who is the hottest anime character male?

The hottest anime guys of all time
  • Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan. Levi is one of those characters that has a cold persona and isn’t very approachable to others.
  • Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop.
  • Izumi Miyamura from Horimiya.
  • Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen.
  • Ayato Sakamaki from Diabolik Lovers.

Who is the best anime boy?

Best 15 Male Anime Characters/Anime Boys Voted by Anime Fans
  • Levi Ackerman — Attack on Titan.
  • Kakashi Hatake — Naruto.
  • Itachi Uchiha — Naruto.
  • L — Death Note.
  • Ken Kaneki — Tokyo Ghoul.
  • Karma Akabane – Assassination Classroom.
  • Katsuki Bakugou – My Hero Academia.
  • Killua Zaoldyeck – Hunter X Hunter.

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